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Why The Renault ZOE Is Europe’s Killer EV Right Now — And Could Stay That Way Too
Forget about the Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, or Tesla Model 3. Renault’s unassuming ZOE electric hatchback is currently undergoing a massive rise in sales across Europe, making it the most popular plug-in car across the continent for the first quarter of this year. Despite being nearly as old as the Nissan LEAF in […]
Tesla’s Supercharger Policy Change — What It Means For You
At the tail-end of 2016, Tesla announced an end to its previous free-for-life Supercharger access policy. Deciding to continue to offer free Supercharger access for the life of the car to existing customers, Tesla said that, starting January 2017, it would begin to limit new customers’ Supercharging sessions to a maximum of 400 kilowatt-hours of […]
(Go) Forth: Oregon’s New Electric Car Advocacy and Education Showroom — And Why It’s So Important For EV Adoption
Electric cars have historically been given a tough time by mainstream automakers and mainstream auto dealers. Indeed, many would-be electric car customers report that their local dealerships know nothing about electric cars — and would rather sell them an internal combustion engined car instead. Tackling dealer disinterest and misinformation and properly educating and informing consumers so […]

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